A Rose by Any Other Name…

I’ve done it. I’ve gone and changed the name of my blog…again. When I first started blogging, the title was “Student Affairs Intern” (to chronicle my internship experiences), then it shifted to “Student Affairs Intern, Once-Removed” (to signify having finished interning and being within a year of that internship experience), and now I’ve moved to “Student Affairs Explorer.” The new name will hopefully be the one that sticks with the rest of the life of my blog. I fell in love with the word explore last year. I used the word as a guide for how I approached my life and my work. I think that “explore” embodies learning from the world around me to make me a better Student Affairs professional, and overall a better person. What I share on this blog is a result of me being an “explorer.”

So, I have some action steps for you. If you have been oh so kind to list me on your blogroll or links page…please update the name. If you aren’t following me formally yet, please to do so. On the right side of the page, you can find the RSS feed to add to your Reader or you can sign up to recieve an email with each new post.

As always, thanks for reading!


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