2 Candles on the Blog Cake

Happy birthday to my little blog!


Two years ago, I launched this site as a way to chronicle my impending summer internship at Eastern Oregon University. I thought it would be a cool way to reflect on the internship experience I was having while simultaneously sharing my adventures traveling through the Pacific Northwest.

My EOU Experiences

That summer sparked a love and desire to travel, hike, and photograph the world around me. Once I was back from Oregon, my final year of grad school kicked into high gear. I spent the 10-11 academic year splitting my time between UW-Whitewater and UW-Madison. May 2011 brought my Masters graduation. June 2011 brought about one of the biggest moves/life changes I’ve experienced thus far in life. I started my career counseling gig at the University of Minnesota Duluth and moved to northern Minnesota. While my blog posts haven’t been as frequent since I moved, I absolutely love it here. I’m trying to renew my blogging and be more consistent with my posting the rest of this year.

My blog has given me the opportunity to capture the places I visit, the photos I take, the books I read, the places I want to see, the moments I experience with others, and the thoughts I have as a new professional in higher education. Thank you for reading and commenting!!

Here are some of my favorites posts:

Here’s to the past 2 years and many more!

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