Icy Beautiful Lake Superior

In my last post, I mentioned having a lack of inspiration lately when it came to my blog. Well, that lack of inspiration was transferring to my camera as well. Insert sad face here because I absolutely love being inspired by what I capture through the lens of my camera. This past Saturday, I said lack of inspiration be gone! We were having some decent weather that morning (clear, sunny, crisp & comfortable) so I decided to head down by Lake Superior to one of my favorite parks, Leif Erikson Park. During the warmer months, it is a beautiful rose garden. On Saturday, the rose garden part was just kind of sad looking. Oh well, my real purpose was to be by the water and to capture Lake Superior in the winter.

The gazebo in the rose garden

I love this next shot of lift bridge through a circle in the fence. I thought the circle could serve as a natural frame.

Bridge through the fence

Next, I wandered down to the shore, which I hadn’t done on another other visits to this park. I was greeted by water and some beautiful ice on the rocks right next to the water. Color me inspired! I had fun taking pictures and trying out different angles. My next goal is to get back to the park closer to sunrise. I was there around 9:30am and the sun was already high enough to be a little harsh when reflecting off of the ice. Oh, and I totally stuck my fingers in the water. I just had to check how cold Lake Superior is in the winter. In August/September, it’s chilly but manageable. In February, the water is down right cold. Can I just say, I love living right next to a Great Lake (even on days like today when we have fog mixed with snow).

Okay, so here are some of my favorite shots from the morning. Hope you enjoy them.

Some of the shore along the lake walk by Leif Erikson Park

Ice on the rocks

Up close & personal with the ice

More ice on the rocks

Bright shining sun reflecting off the water

Another part of the shore with a view of downtown Duluth

The bridges

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