Making a Return

In two months, I get to do something really cool for work. I’m making a return to the national convention for ACPA (College Student Educators International)! My proposal to attend was approved about two or three weeks ago and I am so excited to be attending this conference for the second year in a row. 🙂 I’ve be a part of this organization for the past three years. I’ve made some fantastic connections with professionals from across the U.S. Someday, I’d like to be a presenter at this conference. Yep, I’m ambitious.

This year’s conference is taking place in Louisville, KY. I will admit that Kentucky is not high on my “must travel to” list. However, I will definitely be embracing visiting this new-to-me state. One of my favorite parts of last year’s conference was taking the time to enjoy Baltimore along with attending the conference. I’ll be doing the same in Louisville. Now I just need to do some research on the area.

I’ll be approaching this year’s conference a bit differently than last year. Last year was all about just soaking in everything the conference had to offer. In Louisville, I plan to do more networking (I’m hoping to meet more Twitter friends, in person), attend a wide range of sessions, and work on getting more involved with some of the committees and commissions that I’m interested in. As the conference approaches, I’ll be sure to keep you updated on all my ACPA preparations.

Going to the conference? Let me know! We’ll have to do something fun. 🙂


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