Pattison State Park Hike

This past Saturday I was able to explore yet another state park. I hung out with some distant family members/friends (Kendra works at UMD in a different department than me and her husband Eric is a distant cousin of mine). We wanted to take advantage of the nice weather before it went away for a couple months. Originally we had thought about heading up the shore or to another park north of Duluth…and then we remembered that Saturday was the opening of gun deer hunting season in Minnesota. In MN, parts of state parks can be used for hunting. Instead, we drove down to Pattison State Park just south of Superior in Wisconsin. Pattison SP plays host to the highest waterfall in Wisconsin – Big Manitou Falls (165 feet). These falls are also the 4th highest east of the Rocky Mountains according the park’s website. The falls were beautiful and I definitely want to visit the park again when they are full of snowmelt in the spring.

While Kendra and I hiked, Eric went running on a different trail. Kendra and I were in “break out your cameras and leisure hike” moods on Saturday. It was great! After checking out Big Manitou Falls, we continued on the trail to see where it would lead us. The trail lead us down into gorge for the Black River (which is the river the runs over Big Manitou Falls). Once we were down in the gorge we took some time to enjoy the nature and to photograph the lovely afternoon light.

After having some fun with our cameras in the bottom of the gorge, we realized that we had 15 minutes before we had to meet up with Eric again. We busted a move to hike up out of the gorge. 🙂 At the very end of our trail we came across a porcupine having some grass for lunch. We couldn’t resist breaking out our cameras once again.

Here’s Kendra in action getting some good shots.

While Kendra was having her porcupine fun, I found this solitary leaf just hanging out on the trail. I thought it was so structural and pretty. Side note: the trail was only paved to the viewpoints for the water falls, after that it was dirt and leaves. 🙂

And finally, here’s my required photo with a sign for the park.

After we met up again with Eric, we did some more hiking on a different trail. No pictures though. I just enjoyed being outside, breathing in the fresh air, and not having to listen to gunshots in the distance (as we have had to do if we went to a MN park). All in all, a wonderful day spent with friends.


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