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In the past week or 2 I finally checked out Pinterest. Earlier this summer, I had started to hear chatter about this website from people I follow on Twitter and on a few blogs that I read. (Check out Young House Love’s Pinterest Challenge.) In essence, you can find pictures on the Internet (or already right on Pinterest) and “pin” them to boards you make for yourself. You could probably find just about anything and everything you’d want on this site. Personally, I have boards for decorating ideas, holiday ideas, scrapbooking, crafting ideas, and words of inspiration. I see photography and food being added sometime in the future.

To date, I’ve completed 4 projects inspired by photos I’ve found on Pinterest. Having a new apartment and work office give me the perfect reasons for getting my creativity on. 🙂 I completed a framed art project for my work office. I completed a few organization projects for items that were still a bit unruly from when I moved. I also did a fall themed project to add to the fall decor I already own. 

Most recently, I was inspired by this DIY art project.

Pic originally from

The original art piece was made using extra paint chip pieces. I had the idea to adapt the project for myself by using scrap scrapbooking paper that I have on hand. The hardest part of this project for me was deciding what colors to use. I went with green and pink because they are two of my favorite colors. Plus, I thought having the bright colors up year round would help fight those long winter days that Duluth has. Since I didn’t know what colors I was going with when I bought the frame, I found a white one. It’s from Michaels and after the sale and bonus coupon from the Sunday paper, it was around $5. Not a bad deal. After I was done with the project, I decided that it’s going in my office at work. My office is in desperate need of color, pizazz, and stuff. I think this piece fits the bill.

Here’s another project I found: a bowl of flowers.

Project source at

I loved the idea of taping the grid over the opening of the bowl to help stabilize the flowers. I found a decent size serving bowl at Target…on clearance for $5! I went with red for two reasons: 1) I wanted to do a fall arrangement and 2) it was the only one I could find that I liked and was inexpensive. I realized after I got arrangement all put together that I’ll be able to use the bowl for Christmas too. Yay! I had wanted to get some new fall florals anyway so I picked up a few small bouquets (all on sale at Michaels this week) and clipped them apart. I crumpled up some tissue paper to the base of the bowl (more stablization), taped a grid to the opening of the bowl, and added all of the flowers. It turned out nice.

Organizations projects: ribbon holder and purse hanging.

I found this cool idea for storing and using ribbon. It looked much more user friendly than the “ribbon boxes” I got from the scrapbooking store.

Project from

I found these to bins at Target for about $3 each. The handles flip over so that the bins can be stacked. I already love this method for containing all my ribbon since previously, my ribbon was stored in 3 different places.

The last project was pretty simple. It was a method for hanging purses using shower curtain rings.

Project originally from

Since my move, my purses have been stashed in various closets just laying around. I went from around 12 wall hooks in my closet in my old apartment…to none in my new apartment. I had a set of shower curtain rings from my old apartment (I changed the bathroom color scheme when I moved) and repurposed the rings to hang my purses all in one place in a spare closet.

I’m loving Pinterest for the various forms of inspiration. While yes, the site can be a “time suck” (aka 2 hours have passed without you realizing it), but I have utilized some great ideas already. Yay! I’m looking forward to finding some more cool things to try out and DIY.

Have you been inspired lately? Have you gotten hooked on Pinterest? Found anything cool?

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