Good Weather, Good Water, Good Fun

Oh what a beautiful weekend it was in Northeastern Minnesota this past weekend. Besides the great weather, I had great company. My mom and aunt (my mom’s sister) came to visit me for the weekend. On Saturday, we trolled around Duluth (especially down along the lake) and on Sunday, we went for a drive up the North Shore of Lake Superior. The drive up the shore was completely spontaneous and was probably one of my favorite parts of the weekend.

One of our first stops (and one of the few places I took pictures) was Leif Erikson Park to check out the rose garden. The flowers are STILL blooming like crazy and have a lot of buds yet to open.

Next up was Canal Park…but I didn’t take any pictures. One of the cool parts of the park is watching ships go in and out of the harbor. The day we went, the only ship action was later in the evening. I really need to start checking the ship schedule before heading down to the water.

Last on the agenda on Saturday was the Harvest Festival at the Bayfront Festival grounds showcasing local artisans and a farmer’s market. I got some cheese and this cool shot of the suspension bridge and a sailboat.

On Sunday, I took my mom and aunt to UMD’s campus for a little tour. No pics here either. After a quick lunch, my aunt requested another drive along the water. Eventually, I had the bright idea to head up the shore a bit. We stopped at a pullout with rock ledges and checked out the lighthouse in Two Harbors. I couldn’t resist sticking my feet in the water. It was sooooo cold, and it felt so good!

I can’t really think of a better way to spend time during a late summer weekend. Fall will be here soon (leaves are already starting to change!!) so I had to soak in as much summer as possible. I really do love Fall, and I’m excited to watch the leaves change. Here’s to hoping the leaves don’t go too crazy in the next 2 weeks. I’ve got a mini hiking/photography excursion planned for myself and I want to experience some quintessential Minnesota Fall weather…in 2 weeks.


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