100 Things for the 100th Post!

Today’s post is covering a major milestone for my blog – the 100th post. I thought it be fun to do something related to the number 100. I broke it all down into 10 categories to share a little be more information about myself. Have fun reading! Side note: none of these lists are in rank order…that would have taken way too long.

1. Books I’ve Read

  1. Pride and Prejudice – Jane Austen
  2. Cry, the Beloved Country – Alan Paton
  3. Harry Potter series – JK Rowling
  4. The City of Falling Angels – John Berendt
  5. Eat, Pray, Love – Elizabeth Gilbert
  6. To Kill a Mockingbird – Harper Lee
  7. Ansel Adams in the National Parks
  8. The Storm: What went wrong and why during Hurricane Katrina
  9. Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series – Ann Brashares
  10. Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl – Anne Frank

2. Movies

  1. Jane Austen Book Club
  2. Pride and Prejudice (Kiera Knightly verison)
  3. The Holiday
  4. Harry Potter series
  5. Julie & Julia
  6. Finding Nemo
  7. The Family Stone
  8. Flicka
  9. 10 Things I Hate About You
  10. The Devil Wears Prada

3. Places Traveled

  1. Yellowstone National Park (Wyoming)
  2. Olympic Peninsula (Washington State)
  3. Badlands National Park (South Dakota)
  4. La Grande, Oregon
  5. Black Hills (South Dakota)
  6. Portland, Oregon
  7. Columbia River Gorge area (Oregon)
  8. Madison, Wisconsin
  9. Baltimore, Maryland (Inner Harbor area)
  10. North Shore of Lake Superior (Minnesota)

4. Places I Want to Travel to

  1. Washington, D.C.
  2. Italy
  3. Colorado
  4. Yosemite National Park (California)
  5. Acadia National Park (Maine)
  6. France
  7. Canada
  8. Glacier National Park (Montana)
  9. Seattle, WA
  10. Austria/Switzerland

5. TV Shows (most of these are no longer airing new episodes)

  1. Gilmore Girls
  2. Glee
  3. The West Wing
  4. Friends
  5. Will & Grace
  6. Ace of Cakes
  7. Everwood
  8. Army Wives
  9. So You Think You Can Dance
  10. Anything on Food Network or HGTV

6. Books To Read

  1. Home: A Memoir of My Early Years – Julie Andrews
  2. How College Affects Students: A Third Decade of Research
  3. An Inconvenient Truth – Al Gore
  4. One Day – David Nicholls
  5. Theodore Roosevelt – Nathan Miller
  6. Things I’ve Been Silent About – Azar Nafisi
  7. In Defense of Food – Michael Pollan
  8. Girl on the Couch: Life, Love, & Confessions of a Normal Neurotic – Lorna Martin
  9. Empowering Women in Higher Education and Student Affairs

7. Blogs

  1. First Class Great Outdoors
  2. Peanut Butter Fingers
  3. Young House Love
  4. Anywhere There’s an Airport
  5. Healthy Living in a Hectic World
  6. Iowa Girl Eats
  7. Running Off the Reeses
  8. Student Affairs Collaborative
  9. Then Heather Said
  10. Student Branding Blog

8. Things I Like About Blogging

  1. Work on my writing
  2. Share my thoughts on the student affairs field
  3. Share my photography
  4. Connect with people
  5. I love that your blog can be whatever you want it to be
  6. Keep friends and family updated with life when I’m not nearby
  7. Reflect on the work I get to do with college students
  8. Something to do in my free time
  9. A way to keep myself accountable
  10. It’s fun 🙂

9. Favorite Posts

  1. 6 Months = Completely Different Life
  2. A Summer of Learning
  3. EOU Internship Week 5: Thank You!
  4. Last Day to be an Intern
  5. Things I’ve Learned at UW-Whitewater
  6. I’ve Graduated!
  7. What’s in a Brand?
  8. I Have a Job!
  9. Hiking & Wine: Pacific Northwest Style
  10. To Portland & Back

10. Random Info About Me

  1. I’ve seen Niagara Falls in a blizzard.
  2. I like sour candy. Sour Patch Kids are a favorite.
  3. My favorite Jolly Rancher flavor is cherry.
  4. My favorite season is Fall, closely followed by Spring.
  5. Before I settled on Oregon for a summer internship site, I was also looking in New England.
  6. My favorite scents are apple, pumpkin, and cinnamon.
  7. When I worked at Pier 1, I could identify all of our candles by scent and color (and we had lots of browns/creams/whites).
  8. One of my favorite colors is pink (along with teal, green, and purple).
  9. I LOVE photography…especially nature photography.
  10. My favorite non-higher education job was working at Pier 1 imports.

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