Photo Friday: One Step Closer…

…to being a Minnesotan. I recently bought Minnesota plates for my car and attended the MN State Fair. I had some really good food at the State Fair. However, I did miss out on cheese curds, and that just bummed me out a bit.

No joke, I've wanted the Loon license plate since I found out I was moving to MN.

These were the cutest darn baby goats I've ever seen.

Award winning apples

…to having my apartment finally settled. Last weekend, I bought a couple great prints for my bedroom. I can’t wait hang them. Yesterday, my office/craft room (aka: the second bedroom) went from a disaster zone to almost completely organized. I had water issues in this room a couple weeks ago and those are finally cleared up.

Bringing the outdoors in

Office/Craft room post-flooding, pre-reorganization

Office/craft room in much better shape

…to the autumn season. First off, I just have to say that I love Fall. It has something to do with the smells of the season. Yum. A couple days ago, I had to break out a sweatshirt because I was a little cold. Even though it’s rather thin sweatshirt (which is awesome), it made me a little sad to have to break it out. Also, the academic year is starting! The buzz on-campus is definitely increasing and I’m excited to find out what it’s like to be at UMD while students are around.

The awesome lightweight sweatshirt I wore this week. Yay UMD!

…to being tech savvy. I recently got an iPad through work. Three words: I love it!



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