Photo Friday: Leif Erikson Park

Welcome to a new feature I’m trying: Photo Friday! Photography is a budding hobby of mine and I thought what better way to showcase some of my photos than having them featured on a certain day. This past Sunday, I checked out the Leif Erikson Park in downtown Duluth. It has a rose garden and is located right on Lake Superior. My grand plan had been to wake up early so that I could get to the park for dawn. Yep, I’m ambitious. 🙂 The hours around dawn and sunset have the best light of the day and I wanted to capture some of that while I was also touring the park for the first time. When I went to bed on Saturday, my phone’s weather app said clear skys through the night into Sunday. I woke up at 5am (dawn at 6am), it was cloudy and we had a dense fog advisory until mid-morning. Yeah, that’s what you get for living on the lake. I went back to bed for a couple hours and eventually headed down to the park late morning. Even though the sunlight was a bit harsh (as it generally is during the mid-day), I thought I got some great shots. Roses, well flowers in general, are some of my favorite subjects to photograph. Plus, they smell so good!


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