Hanging Out at the Shore

I finally made my way up the North Shore of Lake Superior this past weekend. The North Shore connects Duluth with Grand Portage at the Canadian border. Not going to lie, it was fun to see “Canadian Border” as a destination on the mileage sign outside of Duluth. My intention had been to drive about 45 minutes north of Duluth to Gooseberry Falls State Park to hike the Fifth Falls Trail.

Fifth Falls sign

Gooseberry Falls also doubles as a rest area on the shore and can get quite crowded. I got there about mid-morning and the crowds weren’t too bad. Too be honest most people who stop there only check out the Visitor’s Center and walk the short distance to 2 of the 5 waterfalls along a couple mile stretch of the Gooseberry River. By going up along the river away from the main waterfalls, I lost almost all of the crowd. It was nice to have my thoughts and the trail to myself for the most part.


One of the books I picked up recently, Hiking the North Shore by Andrew Slade said that by hiking the Fifth Falls Trail, that I would be seeing more of the park than 95% of its visitors! How crazy is that? A section of the Fifth Falls Trail followed a trail that is called the Superior Hiking Trail. I guess you could akin the Superior Hiking Trail to the Appalachain Trail or the Pacific Crest Trail…just nowhere near as long.

I’m excited to check the park out again. I want to check out the shoreline and hang out on the beach. Plus, the park is entertainment on a budget…it’s free. 🙂 Overall, I had an enjoyable time on the hike and my legs didn’t hate me too much when I was all done. Always a plus! I even saw a deer walking/swimming up stream. It was fun to observe nature just happening. I also got some great photographs along the trail! Let me know what you think of them.

Yellow daisies

Deer in the water

Favorite picture of the day


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