Whirlwind of a Week

Wow, the last week just flew by. I have a feeling this next week is going to do the same thing. This makes me a little sad because this coming Friday is my last day working at UW-Whitewater. Happy news is that I start my new job at U of MN Duluth next Monday!! Here’s a recap of the last week.

Saturday: Ben & Jamie’s wedding. Ben’s family is friends with my family. I think our two families have been friends since before Ben was born. No joke!

Roses & sand in place of candles for the departed and the unity candle.

The happy couple.

Sunday was spent hanging out with my parents. I also spent some quality time at Caribou Coffee doing some work and a revamp on my blog. In my opinion, they make some of the best blended coffee drinks.

My work station & boy was I productive!

Monday – I went up to Duluth to sign the lease for my new apartment! I was only in the city for 2 hours, but I’m in love with it already. Here’s a little preview of my apartment. My intention is to do before & after photos once the place is decorated and everything is unpacked.

My new kitchen!

Tuesday & Wednesday – went back to Whitewater. We had some awfully oppressive heat & humidity. Ick! I am not a fan of heat so I’m super excited that I moving to Duluth where they have the lake breeze that keeps things on the cooler side.

Thursday – hang out day with my friend Jennifer. We were going to go to the Rotary Botanical Gardens in Janesville but it was ridiculously cold & windy out. From one day to the next our high temp dropped about 30*! We ended up shopping in Janesville and watching the Top 20 reveal on So You Think You Can Dance instead. LOVE that show!

Friday – low-key day in office. Literally, there were 5 of us in that day (out of about 16). After work, I worked on my packing skills. OMG, I have a lot of stuff! It’s a good thing I moving into a bigger apartment.

Saturday – a spontaneous trip to Milwaukee to hang out with Jennifer one last time before moving. I’m going to miss that girl!! She was going to the Bead and Button show and invited me to come along. I’m not a beader, however I do enjoy a good craft show. Plus, I figured I could find some cool beads for Jennifer to make jewelry for me. 🙂 This show was insane! It took us about 4 hours to walk through the whole venue and it was all beads. Well, 99.9% beads and 0.1% buttons. It is the largest bead consumer show in the world. Happy news: I found beads that will result in a few desk-appropriate bracelets (aka: I can wear them at work and not get annoyed at them during the day) and some earrings. Yay! (Note: the bead show pictures were all taken on my iPhone, so please don’t judge the quality too harshly. :))

A lot of tables looked like this one!

An awesome beaded clutch example.

Some pretty white beads. Do you see the ones on the left that are priced at $50 a strand?! There was definitely a lot of money flying around at this show. Personally, I spent $6 (not counting admission or lunch).

Jennifer with the beads. 🙂

Okay, so that was my week. This next week will be comprised of A LOT of packing. I would share a picture of my apartment’s current state, and it’s of kind of embarassing, the mess, so I won’t. Maybe once everything is packed.

Well, I’m off to brunch with some friends. And yay, the sun is out! It hasn’t made an appearance since the last crazy heat day on Wednesday. Have a lovely rest of the weekend!


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