Back to Normal

I think I’m finally back into the normal swing of things. My road trip last week with my sister was amazing and getting back into the swing of “normal life” was a bit difficult. Multiple times during the day I’d see the time and think back to where I was or what I was doing last week at the same time. Ahh…national parks. I wish I could spend all my spare time in them. It’s a good thing that when I move to Duluth I’ll only be about 3 hours from Voyageurs National Park. šŸ™‚

Nothing super remarkable happening this week. I’ve just been at work wrapping up my final projects prior to my last day (June 17th) and also working on the lovely packing process. Moving is not my favorite thing in the world. However, I LOVE the decorating processĀ (for which IĀ blame the 1.5 years I worked at Pier 1)Ā and am looking forward to making my new apartment my home.

Until next time…I leave you with a part of my “normal” morning routine at work.


That’s right, 2 coffee mugs! 1 for water and 1 for instant latte. This morning’s flavor of choice was Cinnamon Dolce. Yum!


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