Little Car on the Prairie (Road Trip Day 2)

Today’s post title was inspired by Laura Ingalls Wilder and one of the main books describing one of the towns we visited today (Little Town on the Prairie). We started our day in De Smet, SD, and touring various Laura sites including 2 houses where the family actually lived and also the Ingalls family homestead outside of De Smet. It was fun and interesting to learn more about the Ingalls family and the journeys that they took in their lifetime. The thing we found amazing was how many people could live in such a small space…especially when compared to the size of houses in today’s age.

Some photos from De Smet.


Final Ingalls home in De Smet

Ingalls homestead claim outside of De Smet. The cottonwood trees were planted by Pa (Charles).

And so our Laura Ingalls Wilder adventure has concluded. Some day we’ll make it to Mansfield, Missouri, to see the other major Laura Ingalls Wilder homesite. For the rest of the day today we put wheels to the pavement and worked our way towards Badlands National Park (tomorrow’s first destination). We stopped in Sioux Falls, SD, to check out Falls Park. I visited this park last year and wanted to see it again. It was a little cloudy and it was still enjoyable.

Julie & I at Falls Park

The rest of our afternoon was spent on the road. We crossed the Missouri River and have started working our way into some higher elevations.

The night was finished by watching the Glee and Dancing with the Stars finales. What did you think of the shows? Were you shocked? awed? right with your predictions?

Well, it’s time to get some shut eye because tomorrow’s a big day!


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