Bluffs & Farm Fields (Road Trip Day 1)

Yesterday marked day 1 of my roadtrip to the Dakotas with my sister Julie. We had a great day. Prior to arriving at the Badlands/Black Hills area, we had planned to explore 3 of the Laura Ingalls Wilder homesites. Julie and I grew up reading the Little House books and watching the TV show and loved both. Plus, we’re both kind of nerdy and like history. It was neat to be in the places where the Ingalls family had lived and worked.

Before we got started we had to take a picture, just to mark the beginning of our trip.

Travel Buddies: Lucky Bear, Saputo the Cow, & Buffalo Bear

As you can see from the car windshield in the above picture, it was raining. It wasn’t too awful so we survived. Our first desintation was Pepin, WI, to see the land where the Ingalls family lived about 100 years ago. We saw a replica house and stopped at Lake Pepin. It was neat to see the land and area that are described in Little House in the Big Woods.

Bluffs on the way to Pepin

Inside the replica house in Pepin

Lake Pepin with Saputo

Our drive took us down the Great River Road along the Mississippi River in Wisconsin. We ventured into Minnesota to take the Laura Ingalls Wilder Historic Highway west towards South Dakota. There was no shortage of farmland along this drive. We only got stuck behind 1 piece of farm machinery on the highway. Along the way we stopped in Sleepy Eye soley to take our pictures with a statue. We eventually made it to our next Laura Ingalls Wilder stop in Walnut Grove. It was in Walnut Grove that the Ingalls family lived along Plum Creek and in a sod house. The book On the Banks of Plum Creek took place here.

Me with Linus & Snoopy statue in Sleepy Eye

Julie with the covered wagon at the Walnut Grove museum

The area marked off is what is left of the Ingalls’s sod house. The roof caved in leaving a depression on the ground. The land around the sod house is largely kept as it was when the Ingalls lived there.

We made it to South Dakota!

Now I’m off to eat breakfast and to head off to our next location(s). Stay tuned for more roadtrip adventures!


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