I’ve Graduated!

It’s official! I graduated with my Master’s degree this past Saturday. My official degree is a Masters of Science in Counseling with emphasis in Higher Education. Graduation day was nice (the festivities, not the weather). The day started with my parents and sister making the 4 hour drive down to Whitewater to be here in time for lunch. We headed over to campus for the luncheon that my department has on the day of graduation. It’s an opportunity to pay special recognition to each of the graduates in our department along with their family and friends. My department had about 30 graduates (give or take a few) this year. The part I enjoyed the most is that the faculty running each of the internship class sections took the time to say something about each individual in the class section. Ultimately, we’ve all done some awesome work while in the program and are bound for greatness in our respective professional careers. I am going to dearly miss some of the individuals I have met while in my program. Thankfully, I still have about a month that I’ll be in Whitewater and that I’ll have the opportunity to meet up with various people before moving.

The actual graduation ceremony on-campus was nice also. This was the first year that the graduate students had their own ceremony. I definitely thought it was the right move. We each got to have our moment in the spotlight (literally) while we were hooded. Only awkward parts: the counseling department was called up out of order, my hood was put on upside (I fixed it before taking pictures), and I had to endure an awkward hand shake/hug moment with my department chair. All in all, it was fun. Afterwards, once I found my family, we were able to take some pictures prior to the drizzle turning into full-on rain.

Counseling Grads + faculty

Me with my parents

Ashley & I at the dept lunch


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