Last Week of Grad School!

This week officially marks my last week of graduate school!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m incredibly excited if you can’t tell. 😉 What’s lovely is that all I have to do is work at my graduate assistantship, show up for internship class on Tuesday (at a local restaurant), and finally attend graduation festivities on Saturday. How relaxing and low-key of a final week is that? I’m loving it! Friday night I had a very exciting moment when I tried on my gown and master’s hood. Not going to lie, it took 3 of us to figure out how the hood was suppose to be. It’s just slightly complicated. Graduation on Saturday should be great. My parents and sister are coming down for the weekend…which includes a Counselor Ed department luncheon and then the actual graduation ceremony. UW-Whitewater had a smart idea this year and decided to split the graduates from the undergraduates and to have two ceremonies. Yay!

Once graduation is over with, my sister is staying with me for several days to help me start cleaning and packing up my apartment. Isn’t she awesome? After that, we’ll be embarking on a road trip! We’ll be traveling during the same week that I traveled out to Oregon last spring. 🙂 Julie and I are only planning to go as far west as the Black Hills and we’re SUPER excited about our adventure. It should be a fun one! I’m hoping that I’ll be able to blog about our trip as it’s happening. We’ll see what happens though. I know I’ll be seeing some of the same sights that Jenny and I did last year. However, I think they’ll be totally different because it’s a year later and I’ll be experiencing them with a different person. I think I’m most excited to revisit Badlands National Park. I don’t know exactly why…maybe because it was the first national park I visited.

Where have you visited that you most want to return to?

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