1st Day, Post-Internship

This is my very first weekday after finishing up my internship at UW-Madison. It was kind of odd not to make the hour drive to Madison, to not sit in traffic on the Beltline, to not see students, and most of all, to not see my co-workers at the Letters & Science Career Services office. I spent the day at my parents’ and went shopping in the Twin Cities (MN) with my mom and sister (which was awesome!).
During my shopping outing, I received the best tweet ever from my co-intern, Jason, and just wanted to share it.
Jason Brown

@SJBrown8 Jason Brown
Finishing last 3 days of internship w/o the most awesome co-intern who is going on to be a superstar. You are dearly missed @ellen_hatfield
I had been waiting for my mom and sister to check out at a store and was just occupying my time by checking Twitter on my phone. I was completely touched. Jason and I were comrads during our internship experiences and it would have been such a lesser experience without him there.
Personally, I think he’s going to be a superstar too!
Do you ever have little things happen to you, that just completely make your day or week? 

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