First 2011 Hike!

This past Sunday marked my first official hike of 2011. We’ve had some funky weather in Wisconsin the last week or so and I really didn’t know if I’d be able to get a hike in this weekend. Luckily, the wind calmed down enough to enjoy a nice walk through the woods. Currently, I live near the Kettle Moraine State Forest and am only a 10 minute drive from some decent hiking trails. I chose to hike on the Nordic trail and hiked on here last October as well. I like this trail because there’s a nice mix of hills and flats and also the trails are wide. The trail is used for hiking and skiing (hence, “Nordic”) and are well taken care of. I was hoping to try out my new camera some more…and I discovered the battery was dead when I got on the trail. So, I used my phone to capture my hike. It’s not the best quality and it does well in a pinch.

The trail - not a whole lot of green just yet.

One of the "hills"

Happy Hiker!

Map of the trails

So all of this fun was on Sunday. On Monday, this is what I woke up to:

Snow in mid/late April

Granted, it did all melt during the day. What hurts is that a week ago we were enjoying 80* weather and then it snowed. 😦 Today’s weather included ice pellets and rain. Ick.
Also, check out the Travels page. I did some updating over the weekend and attached blog posts to various places that I’ve visited during the past year.

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