Quick Update from Baltimore

I have just finished my second full day at the ACPA Conference in Baltimore, MD. There’s so much to process from each session and the overall experience of being in Baltimore and at a national conference. I’ve been lucky to have my friend/classmate/co-worker Steph along for the ride to be able to process our experiences at the conference. The whole experience would be so different without her. I’m excited to start fully processing and reflecting on my conference experience and to explore ideas further that I have been introduced to in different sessions. I hope to have a solid reflection post up in a week or two.

Here are some of my quick take-aways from the conference thus far:

  • When attending sessions, challenge yourself to pick topics that you don’t have experience with. The knowledge will broaden your horizons and ultimately help you understand your students even better.
  • Become involved and be intentional with that involvement. When I was getting ready to come to Baltimore, I had every intention of furthering my involvement with the Standing Committee for Grad Students & New Professionals (through which I had been selected to be an ACPA Ambassador for the conference). Now that I’m here, while I still want to be a part of that Standing Committee, I keep feeling myself drawn towards the Standing Committee for Women. Time, interests, and intentions will tell where and how much I become involved with ACPA on the national level.
  • Twitter can have an amazing power. I have met so many people in person that I’ve been connected to online for a while now. It’s amazing to meet someone in person for the first time and to have them give you a hug as if they’ve known you forever. (true story) Plus, it has been great to feel like I’m the presence of great, talented, movitated, and innovative people. I can’t wait to continue the connections once I’m back at home. Yay for the #SAChat and #WLSalt communities!
  • When suggesting to meet by “the escalators,” make sure to specify which set of escalators as there can be up to three sets of them on one floor. Oops. 🙂
  • Take notes. You never know who you’ll be sharing the information with. Thankfully, Steph and I did planning ahead of time to try and attend different sessions. Now we will have information for almost twice as many sessions than as if we were going it alone. I say almost twice as many because we have gone to two of the same sessions.
  • Plan when you’re going to eat. We learned the hard way on Sunday that planning mealtimes is a necessity. We’ve been much more concious of feeding ourselves on a somewhat regular schedule.
  • Steph’s additions: Don’t be afraid to ask questions when you don’t understand what’s going on in the session. If you are worried about meeting people, volunteer at the convention and you’ll automatically make connections. 

My final take-away so far from the conference: Be More.


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