We’ve Arrived in Baltimore!

Steph (friend/co-worker/classmate) and I did a fair bit of traveling today and arrived in the lovely city of Baltimore this afternoon. After two successful flights, we took the light rail from the airport to the convention center. Public transportation is quite the deal at $1.60 for a trip. Plus, we met a number of individuals also attending the ACPA Conference! After we got settled at our hotel and were refreshed, we set out to do some sight-seeing. We were successful in finding several local restaurants that we want to try. We stumbled upon a great restaurant called J.Pauls and enjoyed our first taste of crab and some local ales. Yummy!

So when we left Wisconsin, it was snowing. 😦

Snowy Departure

We had a great walk around part of the inner harbor of Baltimore. We saw a lot of ships. Some were museum-esque and some were just docked.

USS Constellation

I also had some fun with taking artsy shots.

An Anchor

Tomorrow is going to be another fun filled day for Steph and I. We have some conference commitments in the morning and we’re hoping to taking in some more sight-seeing. Oh yeah, the first 3 floors of our hotel are a mall. Score!


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