Ready, Set? You Bet!

This weekend was spent with great friends and lots of color guard! Color guard is the “sport of the arts” that defined a lot of high school and college experiences for me. For the past several years, I’ve just been a spectator. This winter, I had the opportunity to help my friend’s color guard during winter break. On Saturday, I got to hang out with this lovely bunch of ladies as they took the floor for their second competition of the season. Their show is titled “In the Dark” to the music Cosmic Love by Florence + the Machine.

Don’t know what color guard or winter guard are? Check out Winter Guard International to fill in some of the gaps. While I watched rehearsal, I played with my new camera. Here are some of the neat shots I got…I remind you that these were shot in a gym with no flash. 🙂

Silk of the flag

Sabre reflection on the gym floor

Solid rifle catch…while “blind-folded”

Flags in mid-air during partner toss

Flags are all at the same angle…awesome!

Start of the show


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