Campfire Mocha Fixes Everything

It has been a crazy couple of weeks recently. Today, I’m spending some quality time at the Caribou Coffee near my parents’ house getting some work done. I’m enjoying my fabulous Campfire Mocha (my regular drink) and am working on my to-do list.


Last week, we in southeastern WI were hit with the massive snowstorm that was shared by over half the country. I never heard a final snow total…but it was A LOT! The predictions had been 12-18 inches of snow for where I live. The snow ended up canceling evening classes for Tuesday (yay, no class!) and all day on Wednesday.

Snow the weekend after “Snowmaggedeon”

Last weekend, I spent the day with one of my best friends – Ashley. Her and I don’t get to see each other much (due to our different internship placement sites) and we thought we needed a quality hangout/retail therapy day on Saturday. We headed over to Madison where I bought a brand new camera!! All the pictures featured on today’s post (and every post here after) were with my new camera. I had a gift card to Target and paired it together with some extra money I made working spring floor sets at Pier 1 during winter break. I’ve been wanting a new camera for awhile (a really nice one that uses multiple lenses) and I thought I’d buy myself a new point-and-shoot camera to tide me over. I picked out a silver Nikon Coolpix S6000 and LOVE it! I haven’t had a lot of time to try out everything this camera can do and so far, I’m absolutely loving the “crop on camera” feature.

The other event that has made this past week “crazy” was the passing of my maternal grandfather. He’s battled various health issues for quite some time and had been doing fairly well recently. While his death was unexpected, I believe he moved on in an utterly fabulous way. He was at home, taking a nap in his recliner. It’s been a sad week off and on and I have to believe that he’s in a better place. A place where he’s not in pain, he can breathe well, is sippin’ a martini, and is reunited with those who have passed before him. RIP Grandpa! You will be missed.

Me with my grandpa when I was a kid.

My other big news for the week is that I applied for my first professional Student Affairs position!! On my to-do list for today is to apply for another position. I’m excited that the process is finally starting. Hopefully, I’ll get calls for interviews!

Yep, I can definitely say that some blogging and a Campfire Mocha can fix everything.


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