62 Days to Baltimore!

In 62 days I will be attending the ACPA (College Student Educators International) National Conference in Baltimore, MD. The theme is “Be More in B’more.” I love that idea of constantly pushing ourselves to be better in our work. I’m excited to have the opportunity to network in person with student affairs professionals from around the country. I will finally have the opportunity to meet a good number of the people that I follow on Twitter, in person!! I hope that by meeting in person, I can connect with these individuals even more to create a more solid professional support network. What I am most excited about is who my travel buddy will be for this trip. It is my friend, co-worker, and classmate, Stephanie. She has such great energy and has actually attended ACPA’s National Conference in the past. She’ll be a great person to be able to debrief with throughout the conference. One of our goals is to divide and conquer. We want to be able to attend as many different sessions as possible so that we can bring back as much information as we can to our office in Madison.

I’ll make sure to update you all on my trip to Baltimore as it approaches. It should be a fabulous (and exhausting) couple of days.

Baltimore, here I come!


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