Resolutions for 2011

Since my last post was a recap of my 2010 highlights, I thought I’d share some of my resolutions for 2011. They are not all fully formed at the moment, and they will be soon. I hope to share with you my progress on these resolutions. I appreciate any comments, feedback, or tips for success you may have to offer.

Resolution #1: Set standards for job searching for each week (and stick to them). Since I will be graduating in May with my Master’s degree, I need to spend some of my time this spring semester looking for a job. What’s nice, is that technically I have already met part of this resolution. 🙂 Now I just need to follow my schedule. As I am progressing through my job search, I probably won’t be sharing all of the nitty gritty details. The most information I’ll be sharing possibly is the type of position I’m applying for, and not the institution. Here’s what I’ve come up with for my schedule (keep in mind that these are my minimums):

  • January: research schools (10/week); scope out job listing sites (just to see what is currently being posted); finalize resume and cover letter; work on my philosophy statements about career counseling, academic advising, and student affairs in general
  • February: continue school research; apply to at least 1 job per week
  • March: apply to at least 3-5 jobs per week

Resolution #2: Write at least 1 personal blog post per week. So far, I’m doing good on this resolution. I picked to do at least 1 per week mostly because I am a contributor on other sites and this semester is going to be crazy busy as I approach graduation. I hope that once I’m out in the “real world” that I’ll be able to blog more and to give this space the attention it deserves.

Resolution #3: Read at least 2 fun books a month. I define a “fun” book as something that is not for: class, work, or professional development. I have met this goal for January already (thank you winter break vacation!). This gives me room to tackle possibly a more challenging book for the rest of month. While the books I’ve read for this month were not challenging in any way, shape, or form, they were by authors I’ve enjoyed previously. I’m excited to tackle reading all of the books I’ve been accumulating during grad school and haven’t had time to read as of yet.

  • January Books Read: Remember Me? by Sophie Kinsella and Sugar & Spice by Lauren Conrad

Resolution #4: Live Healthier (greener, eating better, and increasing exercise). This is one of the resolutions that doesn’t have an exact outline just yet. I’m working on it though. Plus, it’s 3 resolutions that support a larger resolution. I need to take time to think out how I’m going to accomplish these goals.

Resolution #5: Travel more, photograph more, and hike more. If you remember in my last post, traveling, photography, and hiking were all in my top 10 items of 2010. My goal right now is to do more of each of these activities throughout 2011.

Resolution #6: Complete my graduate assistantship and program internship positions with strong commitment, professionalism, and thirsting for more. Both of these positions are preambles to my first professional position in student affairs. I want to leave them knowing I’ve done my best and also thirsting for more experience in the profession.

While I think each of these resolutions are completely attainable, I need to make a concentrated effort to do my best in each area.

How are you attaining your New Year’s Resolutions? Do you have a way of keeping yourself accountable while you are working to achieve them?

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