Walking Along the Mississippi River

Today was the beginning of the WI Association of Colleges & Employers Conference (WI-ACE) in LaCrosse, WI. I promise to reflect on the conference at a later date once the event is finished. I had some down time during this afternoon and I decided to take a walk outside. I decided to brave the cold because our hotel is located right next to a park that is on the Mississippi River. The location and the setting sun were just screaming to have their picture taken. Plus, I just wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to get some fresh air and sunshine. Here are some of the results of my outing.


2 thoughts on “Walking Along the Mississippi River

    • ellenhatfield says:

      Thanks Sharon! I’m glad you’re enjoying the photos and my blog in general. At work, we’re always talking about keeping a healthy balance between life and work, I think my blog shows that. I’ll make sure the pictures keep getting taken so that more can be posted.

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