My Family Weekend!

I just had a wonderful, amazing weekend with my mom and sister! My dad elected to stay home, realizing that it was a girl’s weekend. They arrived on Saturday around lunch time and we headed right the UW-Whitewater Homecoming football game. The game was fun with over 11,000 people in the stands and the Warhawks maintaining their winning streak. As of right now, the Warhawks have the longest running winning streak in all of college football. 23 games! Pretty cool for a Division 3 school!

Julie and myself at the UWW Homecoming game!

On Sunday, I took my mom and sister to the UW-Madison campus for a little walking tour. I had wanted to show them where I was interning on-campus. Plus, my sister is applying for Library Science grad program at UW-Madison and we used our walking tour as her campus tour. We had a beautiful, crisp fall day for our tour. The rest of my pictures are from Madison. Some of them I was trying to work on my photography and others I just thought turned out cool or captured a neat moment.

Steps leading up to the building I work in (which is directly to the right of the tree).

Looking down Bascom Hill towards the WI State Capitol building.

Looking up at Abe!

Julie with Abe in front of Bascom Hall (where all of UW-Madison began).

Flowers on the Memorial Union Terrace with Lake Mendota in the background.

Tables stacked up for the winter on the Terrace.

Julie in her element at the State Historical Society (her undergrad is in History and her grad emphasis within Library Science will be archival).

Camp Randall Stadium

I had to say good-bye to them this morning before I went to work. Their visit will sustain me until I’m able to go home for Thanksgiving. Thanks Mom and Julie for the great weekend!


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