Internship Day 1, Post-Training

Today marked the first day of my internship, post-training. It was exciting and low-key all at the same time. I’m not seeing students on my own just yet, but I got to observe other counselors in action. It was fun. The big thing for me today was managing the Madison Metro system all by myself! Getting to work is important! The last few years I’ve been fortunate to walk 4 blocks to work. It’s been a bit of a shock to have an hour drive, some walking, and a bus ride to get to the office for internship. With some help with my friend Steph last week, I’ve gotten myself comfortable with the bus system. Yay!

In a slightly different area, I have found myself missing my time in Oregon lately. I think I’m missing how relaxing the whole summer was and just the atmosphere of Oregon. My summer internship has been on my mind because I’ve been talking about it quite a bit with various people. What I love is that I can take everything from that experience (finding it to the execution of the internship) and apply it to different areas of my work with students. I love that I can use my own experience to show that internship positions can be created just by asking.


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