EOU Internship Week 8

Week 8 at EOU held quite a variety of activities. I wrapped up a project on MAP Works for Res Life, started designing a brochure for the breakout sessions during welcome week orientation, had an afternoon of labeling a save-the-date mailing for move-in/orientation, assisted in making door decs for a football camp that was coming that is doing fundraising for Shriner’s Hospital, and had an interesting Thursday at the Student Affairs Retreat. Like I said, a lot of variety.


EOU Campus & Door Dec

I spent some quality time at one of my favorite places in La Grande: White House Coffee. It’s a brand new coffee shop that opened at the end of June. It’s an old white house that has been gutted, remodeled, and turned into a funky coffee shop where you can go and sit & read for hours. Trust me, I’ve done that. Plus, their coffee (well, lattes and mochas for me) is good!

Inside White House Coffee 

One evening, I believe on Wednesday, I was working on reading in Beginning Your Journey, and came across a great passage that made me just think for a while. The quote is from J. Rhatigan’s article, “Simple gifts: Reflections on the profession,” from the NASPA Journal. Here’s the quote:

“What directs your life? What are the sources of the answers you have achieved? How does this bear on your work? Often the word “journey” is used, an appropriate metaphor, reminding us that the answers to these questions are not always the same, even in an individual life. Most importantly, the word journey recognizes movement toward a destination. The pursuit occurs across time in our relationships with people and in our journey into the self.”

Here’s what I make of it: every journey is toward a destination or goal, once that destination/goal is reached another journey is spurred towards yet another destination. Whether personal or professional, I don’t think the destination should be the focus of the overall picture, I think the journey should be. Everything you learn along the journey, makes the destination that much more worthwhile.

What do you make of this passage?

My time in La Grande is rapidly coming to an end. I’m leaving in a week! As I’ve mentioned in recent posts – I’m sad and happy that this “journey” is coming to an end. I’ve loved my summer in Oregon and I highly enjoy all of the individuals I have had an opportunity to work with for this short period of time. I’m excited to see my family and friends in just over a week. It’ll be a very happy reunion!! See you all soon!

Just want to leave you with a picture of sunrise from yesterday. Granted, it’s coming up over a residence hall, and it was still cool.

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