Home in a Month: EOU Week 6

This week I came to the realization that in a month’s time I would be back home in Wisconsin. This realization was both happy and sad. Happy: I get to see my family and friends, back to work at UWW CLD, and starting my internship at UW-Madison. Sad: I’ll have to leave this beautiful place that I’ve been calling home since the end of May and I’ll have to leave all of my new colleagues. With only 3 weeks left of my internship, I guess I should start planning my trip home.

Work itself picked up this week. It was nice to have everyone back from vacations so that projects could start progressing. Right now, my biggest project is assisting with the revision of the Student Code of Conduct. Up to this point, the project has mostly centered around researching other codes of conduct and related topics. Now, I’m actually working on the first draft of edits. It’s fun to help shape a policy document. While I haven’t necessarily suggested changes, I’m learning a lot on how to do the actual editing.

In other news:

– La Grande has hit the 90* mark. Grass is starting to turn a little crispy and sprinklers are out in full force. I’m loving the lack of humidity and that the sky is virtually cloudless each day.

– I finished my first knitting project the other day! It’s a beautiful teal scarf with a basketweave pattern…and fringe! I started my next project, which is also a scarf (different pattern and yarn).

– I’m attempting to kick my soda habit. So far, I’m on day two and doing alright. While I want to discontinue drinking soda, I still love my lattes!

– Finally get to go to Wallowa Lake on Saturday. I’m ready to do some hiking and to hang out with colleagues.

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