Road Trip: Lessons Learned

This is my last post about my road trip from Wisconsin to Oregon. Jennifer and I had an amazing time. We’re already thinking about where we could go next summer. We learned some good lessons along the way. These “lessons” came from our experiences and observations. I wanted to share them with you.

– Every town has a Chinese restaurant. Even Forks, WA.

– Best road trip food includes: original flavor Jolly Ranchers, Cool Ranch Doritos, Fruit by the Foot, and Quaker Mini Delights – Chocolate Drizzle

– GPS is amazing! Especially while driving through Yellowstone NP in the dark and it’s snowing.

– Road trip music is a vital component to a trip’s success. Most of our music was upbeat and included the likes of: Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, the Twilight soundtrack, Lady Antebellum, Taylor Swift, and several other awesome artists. Low-key music is also needed. The snow in Yellowstone mentioned earlier was set to Alison Krauss to help easy our anxiety.

– It’s okay to get off the Interstate once in awhile.

– Do research ahead of time, even if you want to have spontaneity on your trip.

– Bring a tote bag for electronics and cords.

– The bugs are HUGE in South Dakota. It takes some serious muscle power to get them off the windshield – and the rest of the car.

– No matter how much sunscreen you put on at Badlands National Park, you will still get a nice tan started. Sunscreen is highly recommended!

– When looking for various license plates, parking lots are like hitting the jackpot. Make the walk back to your own car go through the whole parking lot.

I’m sure there are more “lessons” and these are probably the most important ones. You can bet that my road trip back to Wisconsin will include Jolly Ranchers, Cool Ranch Doritos, and a kick-butt mix of music.

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