EOU Internship Week 3

I cannot believe week 3 of internship is already done. This week was filled with readings, projects, meetings, computer issues (at work), moving into a new apartment, and a freezing cold Hoke Union Building. On Monday, I got to move into my new apartment and I’m finally settled for the rest of my stay here in La Grande. Last Sunday, I had the opportunity to go hiking with a few co-workers to a local state park. If anything, the hike served as a reminder that I was going to start working out more this summer. I should get on that. We went to Catherine Creek State Park just south of La Grande.

Catherine Creek OR

Catherine Creek OR 2

Catherine Creek OR 3

It was beautiful. I always feel that I can’t ever describe nature accurately because “beautiful” doesn’t really cover it. I’m in awe of what nature can be and I try to look at it from different angles that just straight ahead. I’m a fan of looking up into the trees or down at the flowers beside the path. I really didn’t do much once I got back from my hike and yet I felt inspired/contemplative/reflective…something along those lines.

I figured that going into this internship experience this summer, that I wouldn’t go back to Wisconsin the same person. I knew that some change would happen and didn’t know what. I still don’t know how that change is going to end up. All I know is that I am in the midst of something great. I feel great about the profession I have chosen for my life. That seems to be reaffirmed more and more with each passing day since I moved to Whitewater in 2008.

I think self-discovery comes in many ways in life. Finding that sense of purpose comes at different times in life. Some people find purpose when they are still a child and some people may never find it. I think at 27, I’m finally able to really put words to my sense of purpose (or at least part of it). I want to be able to help college students with the self-discovery and starting to find a sense of purpose, or at least help them start peeling back the layers so that they may discover that sense of purpose at some point in life.

I came across several quotes this week, thanks to Twitter. They are by two very different people and they both struck a cord with me. I hope you’re able to reflect on them as I have. I hope you have a great weekend!

“Do what you can with what you have, where you are.”  ~ Theodore Roosevelt

“The first essential in a career is to find out what one’s fitted for, what one’s capable of doing & doing with a relish.” ~ Charles Schwab


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