Road Trip: Days 4 (end of) to 6

Time to chronicle more of my cross-country road trip. I left off last time with our visit to Yellowstone National Park. As soon as we went through the South Entrance of Yellowstone, the clouds decided to open up and let the snow fly. At least we had daylight on our side again. Luckily, the snow stopped as we drove our way through Grand Tetons National Park. I had wanted to stop at the park, and we decided to just keep going on toward Jackson (our evening’s destination) because the day had already been long and the extra snow just put us over the edge. We did stop on the road once or twice to take pictures and observe the awesome beauty of the Tetons (and the elk – there were a lot of elk).

RTD4 Grand Tetons

Grand Teton National Park

– Day 5-

On day 5 of the road trip we drove from Jackson, WY, to Boise, ID. It was the quietest day of the entire trip. The morning started off with going through our steepest mountain pass (Grand Teton Pass), which was a 10% grade. CeCe, my car, did awesome!  We only made two stops to see things while we were in Idaho. We stopped in Blackfoot for the Potato Museum and got some hash browns because they, “Give taters to out-of-staters.” I kid you not. We also stopped in Idaho Falls to see the Shoshone Falls. Getting to Boise was great. At first, we were just going to stop for dinner and then we decided to just call it a night and got a hotel room. The dinner at Olive Garden was awesome. Our main event for the evening was watching Glee! It was the Lady Gaga episode, so great! I was the one who drove in Boise and it was kind of weird. We were back in civilization with 3 full lanes of traffic. I missed the open road and loved being back in a city, all at the same time.

Shoshone Falls in Idaho Falls, ID

Shoshone Falls in Idaho Falls, ID

Shoshone Falls in Idaho Falls, ID

Shoshone Falls in Idaho Falls, ID

– Day 6-

This day took us from Boise, ID, to La Grande, OR, to Ellensburg, WA. We finally made it to La Grande to drop off my stuff and to finally meet my summer co-workers. Before we got to La Grande, we stopped in Baker, OR, at the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center. Very cool. The wagon ruts are still there! After we got everything dropped off in La Grande, we decided to head north into Washington state, with our ultimate destination being the Olympic Peninsula. Washington is a gorgeous state. I can’t wait to go back at some point this summer.

Heading into the Blue Mountains outside of La Grande.

Heading into the Blue Mountains outside of La Grande.



In these three days, we covered a lot of ground. As I said before, Jennifer and I were power vacationers. However, we did make time to stop and smell the flowers, or check out waterfalls, animals, and trees, along the way.


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