EOU Internship: Week 2

I cannot believe another week has passed here at Eastern Oregon University. I only have 7 weeks left! Variety was definately the theme for the week. I had one-on-one meetings with members of the Student Affairs Council to get to know people better, attended other meetings, started my student code of conduct project, etc. I was excited to fit some professional development in during the week between reading and lurking on a #sachat on Twitter. I spent a decent part of the week thinking about what I’d like to do for professional development through UW-Whitewater during the 2010-11 school year and I am still no closer to deciding. I will decide eventually. Any feedback or ideas are appreciated.

I am really excited about one opportunity that came up within the last week or so. I am now a contributing author on a new collaborative blog for the next generation of student affairs professionals aptly called: Road to Student Affairs. The project is still in its infancy and I’m looking forward to being a part of it. It will be fun and an interesting learning experience to grow with people who are at about the same stage in the profession as I am.

Summer has officially started here in the little town of La Grande, OR. Commencement is going on outside at the moment on a gorgeous Saturday, which is amazing considering all the rain we’ve been having the last two weeks. 

More road trip blogs are coming. I promise! 🙂

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