Beginning Your Journey

This week during lunch I’ve been reading the book “Beginning your journey: A guide for new professionals in student affairs.” It is a great read so far. I’m reading a chapter on organizational and political realities of the jobs in student affairs. The concepts are familiar from coursework and conference sessions I’ve attended. It’s nice to see the information again. As I was eating my lunch outside today, what I was reading had me thinking about what questions I should try to answer as I’m doing research on institutions during my job search. Questions such as: what is the amount of committee work expected, are there opportunities for professional development (a must for me!), and do they embrace social media, if so, how do they use it? These questions will be answered in time. I want to be able to answer some of these questions for myself first though. If I have answers of what I want, that will help guide my job search towards matching myself with the right department/institution. The chapter also pointed out some essential organizational culture components to be aware of: environment, mission, socialization, information, strategy, and leadership (based on the work of W.G. Tierney).

I also started thinking about professional development for the next academic year. I need to look at what skills, knowledge, and/or competencies I would like to improve/increase for the next year. I don’t really know where to begin at the point. Thankfully, I have the summer to think about this. Do I go the new SA professional route, career services/internships route, student affairs in general, etc. I’ll have to ponder these options for a bit. Any advice would be helpful. 

This week has started off well at my EOU internship. I started doing more work with my student code of conduct project. I’m getting to know people better, which is nice.

I still have more posting to do about my road trip to Oregon. I have some great pictures to share of Washington and Oregon. They’ll be coming soon.


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