EOU Internship: Week 1

I have been in La Grande, OR, for a week now. I’m slowly getting used to the area. I was so drained from my 8 day road trip out here that I haven’t done a whole lot besides venturing out to get groceries and other necessities. I have almost completed reading my second “for fun” book, in all fairness though I started Little Women during winter break and I finally have time to finish it. I am also making awesome progress on the first scarf that I’m knitting.

For the summer I am living in a residence hall (which I haven’t done for almost 5 years!) and luckily it’s a suite style hall. I have 2 roommates at the moment. In about a week I’m moving to a different floor in the building because their spring term will be over on Saturday. Both of the girls are nice. I’m getting to know one more than the other, mostly because she’s around. I’m a smidge jealous because she’ll be spending her summer in Canada. I can’t wait to hear about it though! When I move, I’ll have 3 different roommates. I hope it goes well. I will keep you all updated. I must say, having housing included with the internship, is one sweet deal. I’m very appreciative to have it included.

The internship itself has been interesting this week. I had a quiet week, work-wise. The people that I work with are busy because it’s the very end of the semester. This next week, my work load should be picking up. I have 3 main projects that I will be working on for the 2 months that I’m here. They are: helping coordinate orientation for freshman once they reach campus in September, revising the student code of conduct, and helping impliment a database program called OrgSync to help the campus manage their student organizations. I am also hoping to jump on a social media committee, as the EOU campus is exploring how to use social media on-campus. Starting with Day 1, I have met a lot of people, from students all the way up to the college president. What is awesome, is that I was talked about before I even got here – in a good way! That is cool. My boss has been really awesome. She took my on a tour of town the other day and is really excited to have me here at Eastern Oregon University.

I’m looking forward to the next two months of interning. I hope that the time is a good learning experience. What’s fun is that I already have “homework.” This weekend I’m working on reading a report about how the student affairs office collaborates with other offices on-campus. My boss also gave me a book to read: “Beginning your journey: A guide for new professionals in student affairs.” It’s good so far, and I’m only on page 4.

The main reflection that I have about this week: Day 1 you meet a lot of people and you probably will not remember them. Eventually, you do remember them. The memory got better as the week went on!

That’s all I have for now. Stay tuned for my road trip post about Yellowstone National Park! It’s going to be so hard to pick only a few pictures to post. If you want a refresher about my EOU internship, here are a few posts I wrote during the spring:


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