10 Days Left in Wisconsin

Just had to leave a quick note that I leave for Oregon in 10 days! I can’t believe it!! I found out yesterday that I’ll be starting the summer with a few roommates and I can’t wait to meet them. Planning the road trip out to Oregon is coming along. I am very much a planner so, having some things unknown for the trip is a little unnerving. I’ll be fine with it though because we’re basing our stays how far we drive each day. It will be an adventure to say the least. Here are some of the places Jenny and I are hoping to visit on our way to Oregon.


Badlands National Park in South Dakota; Photo by: Mykl Roventine

Black Hills National Forest in South Dakota; Photo by: cm195902

Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming; Photo by: charkesw

Columbia River Gorge in Oregon; Photo by: ~MVI~

Oregon Coast of the Pacific Ocean; Photo by: bradley j

If you haven’t noticed, we have a nature theme going for our road trip. I’m ready to do some exploring, hiking, and a lot of picture taking. I’ll make sure to upload the best shots on here. I just hope the snow goes away in Yellowstone before we get there…that may be wishful thinking. I hope to post at least once more before embarking on my cross-country road trip. Until then, take care!


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