Students, Students, and More Students

The last few weeks have been busy with school, internship interviewing/searching, and work. One of the awesome things that I do in my work as a Graduate Assistant, is meet with students about their career needs. The last few weeks’ appointments keep reminding me why I love Student Affairs – the individual student. Each one of them is so different and has so much to offer the professional world (and our campus). I’ve been working with business majors, english majors, undecided students, and many more. I love not knowing 100% what a student is coming in to see me about. Yes, it’s nice to have some heads up, in case I need to prepare a bit (i.e. mock interviews or career planning). What I really enjoy the most is getting to know the students and helping them figure out what steps they will take next whether here on-campus or out into the “real world.”

Luckily, next week is Spring Break! It seems that the mood on-campus is a bit more tense, stressed, and tired than normal. It all makes sense though. No one has really had a break since January. Time to take the next week and relax. Or, in my case, work on research and paper writing in a more relaxing environment. This week a co-worker of mine (Kathy :)) wrote a great blog on the Top 10 Things to do During Spring Break. She talks about everything from volunteering to informational interviewing to buying an interview suit. Definately check it out. Besides my homework, my spring break will be filled with family time and planning my summer out in Oregon. I think it will be fun.

Before I forget, I’ve been working on adding features to my blog. I recently added an area for you to subscribe to the blog. Please do! I greatly appreciate everyone reading it!

Happy Spring Break! 🙂


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