I’m a Badger Now!

 Photo by: purpleslog

Along with finding an internship for the summer, I have been working on finding an internship for the 2010-2011 academic school year. This internship is a requirement for completion of my masters program. Yesterday, I had my second interview at UW-Madison in their Letters and Science Career Services office. It was a great interview where I was able to talk about my approach to working with students and also why I think it’s important to have a counseling background when working in career services.

Preparing for the interview process was nerve-wracking when I started working on it in mid-February. I say this because I hadn’t had an interview in close to two years! I started with cultivating answers to basic questions such as: tell me about yourself; strengths/weaknesses; why I wanted to intern at the institution, etc. After my first interview at Madison, I felt good and also had slightly mixed emotions about the whole process. I was called to come back for a second interview to really figure out if there would be a good match between person and institution/office. For the second interview, I made sure to really prepare about my theory/theories of counseling and having examples ready about students that I have worked with in the past. All of this preparation led to a really great conversation between myself and my new supervisor yesterday. It was probably one of the best interview experiences I have ever had. I think that preparation is the key to a great interview. Preparation and practice. For myself, I made sure that I did research on the specific institution and also remembering why I love working in student affairs. It’s all about the students!  

I am very excited to become part of the UW-Madison campus and embrace all of the tradition and culture that goes along with being a Badger.

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