Oregon Here I Come

 Photo by: SarahMcD

I am so excited about the prospect of spending my summer in Oregon. The internship has been official for barely a week and I am already starting to plan what I all I want to see while I’m out west. I found some great books on Oregon: Frommer’s Oregon and Off the Beaten Path Oregon. I just started looking at them the other day and I am already finding fun places to travel to. The picture above is of the Columbia River Gorge that runs along the Oregon border with Washington. I have a feeling I’ll be taking multiple trips here because there is so much to see.

I will be living in La Grande, OR, which is in the northeastern part of Oregon. It’s between the Blue Mountains and the Wallowa Mountains. I am looking forward to exploring the mountains and near-by areas. The historic Oregon Trail also runs through the area. I will definately be checking that out as well.

I have already started a list of places/things I plan on doing while living in Oregon this summer. I’m sure this list will grow as I do my research.

  • Make connections with people I work with at Eastern Oregon University during my internship.
  • Explore the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area and for sure seeing the Multnomah Falls.
  • Take a gondola ride on the Wallowa Lake Tramway going up Mount Howard.
  • Travel by train from Portland, OR to Vancouver, British Columbia.
  • Check out Wineries in Central Oregon
  • Explore Portland
  • See the Pacific Ocean

I am really excited about spending my summer in Oregon. I’m also a bit nervous because I’ll be across the country from all of my family. It will be a true test if I will be able truly “go where the job is” when I am looking for a professional position in a year.

Does anyone have any recommendations of things/places I should see while I’m in Oregon or as I travel from Wisconsin to Oregon?


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